• Fertilizer spreader
  • Multi-injector
  • Boom sprayer
  • Seeding module
  • Fertilizer spreader
  • Multi-injector
  • Boom sprayer
  • Fan sprayer
  • Seeding module
  • Fertilizer spreader
  • Boom sprayer
  • Fan sprayer
  • Tuman-3
  • Tuman-2M
  • Tuman-1M

A wide range of modules allows solving any fertilization and plant care tasks.


Agricultural Machinery of the “Tuman” line. They go out into the field, even when there is snow

They go out into the field, even when there is snow

When the tractors can still get bogged down in the field, the "Tuman" complexes are already appearing here in order to apply granular fertilizers to the soil.

Due to the low tire pressure (up to 0.4 atm), the spreader does not compact the soil.

A high travel speed in the field (up to 35 km/h) and an operating width (28 m) provide fast and uniform fertilization. Overconsumption of fertilizers is avoided thanks to the precise dosage.

The spreader is capable of processing up to 50 hectares in an hour.


Agricultural Machinery of the “Tuman” line. Effective in drought conditions

Effective in drought conditions

Liquid fertilizers are added to the soil just before and immediately after sowing. In this case, a multi-injector is used, which gently processes early seedlings without damaging them and making accurate injections.

The device does not injure the top layer of the soil and allows saving nitrogen from runoff and evaporation.

The swollen clay soil is ventilated during processing, and due to the large depth of application; the number of weeds is reduced.

Liquid complex fertilizers with phosphates and sulfur can be used together with nitrogen fertilizers. The entire dose of UAN is applied at one time, and fractional feeding becomes unnecessary.


It is possible to handle crops of all culture types by means of sprayers "Tuman". No matter how sensitive the young seedlings are, the machine treats them extremely carefully.

"Tuman" is capable of spraying grain, row crops and vegetables at all stages of the growing season. When the seedlings are still small, the "Tuman" on the low-pressure tires sprays them without the risk of breaking. When the plant gets taller, the machine switches to the wheels with high ground clearance and runs along the track.

The machine applies fertilizer quickly and evenly, cultivating up to 1000 ha per day. Losses are reduced by 1-2% in comparison to the operation of a tractor with a trailed sprayer, and moreover, "Tuman" can replace up to three trailed sprayers. Such efficiency is comparable to that of aviation technology, but in terms of quality and processing accuracy, "Tumans" are already far ahead.

of fields borders

Agricultural Machinery of the “Tuman” line. Auto-rotation of sprayer

Auto-rotation of sprayer

To save the harvest, modern agricultural technologies provide for the chemical protection of plants with insecticides. An agricultural fan-type sprayer САХ-5 is used at performing such works.

By choosing this module, you can reduce the working time by 2–3.5 times, consequently decreasing the number of technological passes for closing the field into an “envelope”. The module application makes working of field borders easier, including the forest belts handling, as well as the orchards, vineyards, warehouses and thrashing floors.

of small-seeded

Agricultural Machinery of the “Tuman” line. Precise distribution over the entire working width

Precise distribution over the entire working width

If you need to sow a field efficiently in a short time, a pneumatic seeding module will suit perfectly. Distributing the seeds precisely across the entire working width, it consumes the material economically at high working speeds.

You can quickly test the seeding rate by adjusting the desired parameters.

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