The spreader is designed for surface application of dry granular mineral fertilizers starting from early spring (on a snow shard) and during the optimum terms.

Comparison of the "Tuman" line spreaders

For a wide
range of tasks

Field speed up to 35 km/h up to 35 km/h up to 40 km/h
Efficiency up to 50 ha/h up to 50 ha/h up to 60 ha/h
Hopper volume 2500 kg 2000 kg 1000 kg
Operating width up to 28 m 28 m up to 28 m
Fertilizer application rate 30–390 kg/ha 30–300 kg/ha 30–250 kg/ha
Soil pressing 0,4–0,8 kg/cm2 до 0,4 kg/cm2 0,2 kg/cm2
Fuel consumption 0,25–0,35 l/ha 0,2–0,25 l/ha up to 0,25 l/ha


The spreading discs are made of stainless steel. The rotational speed of the discs is 750 rpm.

Fertilizer consumption can be adjusted by setting the extreme position of the metering choke. The choke is equipped with an electric actuator that gradually opens or closes it depending on the speed of movement.

The setting choke is used to regulate the delivery point to the discs, which determines the distribution pattern of the fertilizer across the working width.

A universal

Tuman-1M Tuman-2M Tuman-3
Operating width 10–28 m 10–28 m 10–28 m
Number of spreading discs 2 pieces 2 pieces 2 pieces
Rotation speed of spreading discs 750 ±50 rpm 750 ±30 rpm 750 ±30 rpm

The hopper for dry granular mineral fertilizers made of stainless steel is equipped with a special mesh that prevents large clods of fertilizers and debris from getting onto the spreading discs.

To the very last

Tuman-1M Tuman-2M Tuman-3
Hopper volume 1000 l 2000 l 2500 l
Fertilizer consumption 30–250 kg/ha 30–300 kg/ha 30–390 kg/ha
Fuel consumption 0,2–0,25 l/ha 0,2–0,25 l/ha 0,25–0,35 l/ha

The flow controller is installed in the cabin. Operating width, application rate, fertilizer density, speed and hopper correction factors are set by a computer. The interface is key operated.

The spreader flow controller is used to adjust the application rate.

The efficiency
in 2 times higher

: Bars-5

Complex solutions

Atlas + Bars-5

Manual control of sections

Automatic flow control mode

Manual flow control mode

Driving in parallel lines

Capability to work at night

Overlap visualization

Creating of field boundaries

Calculation of area

Automatic sections control

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