The payload volume of 2000 liters and the booms with operating width of 28 m make “Tuman-2M” a truly versatile working machine.

"Tuman-2M" is capable for going into the field earlier than any tractor, without getting stuck thanks to special low-pressure tires.

The machine allows performing any agrochemical work (except for sunflower desiccation) with a minimum cost and maximum productivity.

Pays off in 1.5–2 seasons.


The transmission is mechanical, five-speed from the VAZ-2123 with synchronizers in all gears. Easily accessible for service as it is installed inside the frame between the rear and center axles.

and powerful

Design power

72 kWt



Type, stroke

diesel, four-stroke

Number of cylinders, arrangement

4, raw

Cylinder diameter

93 mm

Maximum torque

220 N·m


2200 rpm

Fuel tank volume

90 l

Low pressure tires minimize stress on the soil and plants. Using them, the device can reach a maximum speed on the rut up to 35 km/h. Optimally matched pressure eliminates damage to plants before exiting the tube. The stress on the machine structure is also reduced, so the working speed is higher even on uneven fields.

The narrow wheels allow for travel on public roads and for row spacing.

The high tractor wheels are designed for driving on public roads, as well as for row-spacing and late growth stages.

is 6×4

19-21LT (low pressure)

W8-42 (narrow)

Ground pressure

0,4 kg/cm2


2230 mm

2000 mm

Increased track when using narrow wheels

— spacer 75

2150 mm

— insert 125

2250 mm

— spacer 144

2288 mm


370 mm

500 mm

Additional increase in clearance with spacers

800 mm

Operating speed

10–35 km/h

10–20 km/h

Transport speed

up to 45 km/h

up to 45 km/h

"Tuman-2M" is equipped with an independent double wishbone suspension with airbags and shock absorbers including an automatic clearance maintenance system. The air suspension adapts to the weight of the vehicle, allowing it to travel smoothly and quickly over rough terrain.




Minimum turning radius without module

12 m

Transverse angle of static stability

not less than 30°


front — steered,
middle — leading uncontrolled,
rear — leading steering

Rate control computers

Rate control computers allow setting up automatic or manual application for each section.
Rate control computers: Bars-5

Parallel driving systems

Parallel driving systems allow vehicles to travel in parallel lines so that vehicles are capable to operate at night. The system shows worked and unworked strips, overlaps, field boundaries, and also it calculates the area.

Night driving

Parallel driving systems: Atlas

Complex solutions

Atlas + Bars-5

Manual control of sections

Automatic flow control mode

Manual flow control mode

Driving in parallel lines

Capability to work at night

Overlap visualization

Creating of field boundaries

Calculation of area

Automatic sections control

The cabin is a single-seat unit welded from sheet steel and steel profiles. Front and rear windows are made of triplex, side windows serve as emergency exits and are made of tempered glass. The cabin is made with a heat-and-noise-insulating coating, equipped with a heater with a windshield blowing system, a ventilation system, a windshield washer, and a rear-view mirror.

The cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system, a heater and a radio. The air entering the cabin is filtered with a charcoal filter.

360° view
from the cabin

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