A boom sprayer applies liquid fertilizers and irrigates field crops with pesticides, including those cultivated using intensive technology. The sprayer allows spraying substances most accurately, evenly and quickly.

Comparison of the line "Tuman" boom sprayers

For a wide
range of tasks

Field speed up to 35 km/h up to 35 km/h up to 40 km/h
Efficiency up to 80 ha/h up to 80 ha/h up to 60 ha/h
Tank volume 2500 l 2000 l 1000 l
Operating width 28 m 28 m 20 m
Working fluid consumption 15–450 l/ha 30–300 l/ha 10–180 l/ha
Soil pressing 0,4–0,8 kg/cm2 до 0,4 kg/cm2 0,2 kg/cm2
Fuel consumption up to 0,35 l/ha 0,2–0,25 l/ha up to 0,25 l/ha
Clearance up to 0,8 m 0,45–0,8 m up to 0,4 m
Track 2,03–2,1–2,25 m 2,1–2,25 m


The sprayer is equipped with ultra-light D16 alloy booms on a pendulum suspension. The booms are equipped with stainless steel manifolds capable of accommodating up to 5 nozzles. Depending on the task, the nozzles can be quickly replaced by the torch suitable in size and configuration.

A universal




Operating width

20 m

28 m

28 m

Number of nozzles

40 pieces

48 pieces

48 pieces

With tips

56 pieces

56 pieces

A tank is equipped with a hydro-mixer maintaining a uniform concentration of substances throughout the volume.

A filling mixer ensures safe and efficient filling of substances into the tank.

A fuel can washer allows draining the tank substances.

To the last




Tank capacity

1000 l

2000 l

2500 l

Working fluid consumption

10-180 l/ha

30-300 l/ha

15-450 l/ha

Working pressure inside the delivery line

0,15–0,6 MPa

0,15–0,8 MPa

0,15–0,6 MPa

Computers regulate the fluid flow and control various operation processes. Depending on the configuration, various computer options are possible.

The chemical pump ensures a stable and uniform supply of substances from the tank to the dispenser.

The distributor is controlled by a computer and doses the mixture supplied to the sprayers.

The efficiency
in 2 times higher

: Bars-5

Complex solutions

Atlas + Bars-5

Manual control of sections

Automatic flow control mode

Manual flow control mode

Driving in parallel lines

Capability to work at night

Overlap visualization

Creating of field boundaries

Calculation of area

Automatic sections control

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