A multi-injector is designed for spot injecting of liquid fertilizers. The module is equipped with two consoled injection wheels. The liquid is injected into the soil to the desired depth by means of the long needles on the wheels. The device is ideal for mulching and direct seeding fertilization as the nutrients are delivered directly to the roots.

Comparison of the "Tuman" line multi‑injectors

Right into
the soil

Operating width 6,3 m 6,3 m
Injection wheels 18 pieces 18 pieces
Row spacing adjustable adjustable
Tank volume 2500 l 2000 l
Working fluid consumption 70–700 l/ha 70–700 l/ha
Field speed 5–15 km/h 5–15 km/h


Suspension blocks for injection wheels are installed on the console.

Each suspension block is equipped with a spring intended for immersing the needles of the wheels into the soil.

Number of injection wheels 18 pieces 18 pieces
Distance between wheels adjustable adjustable
Number of needles on the wheel 12 pieces 12 pieces
Distance between injection points on the wheel 170 mm 170 mm
Tank capacity 2000 l 2500 l

Fertilizer tank is equipped with a hydro-mixer maintaining a uniform concentration of substances throughout the volume.

Water is pumped into the tank through the filling connection using an external filling pump. The drug is added manually through the top of the tank.

The pump provides pressure in the system and a uniform supply of the mixture to the distribution fittings on the suspension. The valve doses the mixture and delivers it to the nozzles located on the consoles. The solution is supplied from the nozzles to the injection wheels.

To the last

Tuman-2M Tuman-3
Tank capacity 2000 l 2500 l
Working fluid consumption 70–700 l/ha 70–700 l/ha
Fuel consumption 0,25–0,35 l/ha 0,35–0,45 l/ha

The flow controller is installed in the cabin. All operating parameters are set by a computer. The interface is key operated.

The efficiency
in 2 times higher

: Bars-5

Complex solutions

Atlas + Bars-5

Manual control of sections

Automatic flow control mode

Manual flow control mode

Driving in parallel lines

Capability to work at night

Overlap visualization

Creating of field boundaries

Calculation of area

Automatic sections control

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