A sowing module is designed for sowing the field crops without seeding-down/covering of the seeds.

A hopper with seed level sensors is designed for storing the seeds.

Booms are designed for installing diffusers to the required width.

The diffuser provides dissemination of the striking seeds by a conical "torch".

Seeding module


For Tuman-3
For Tuman-3
For Tuman-2M
For Tuman-2M
Operating width 24 m
Hopper volume 1600 l 1600 l
Operating speed up to 35 km/h up to 35 km/h


A flow controller is installed in the cabin. Operation parameters such as an operating width, an application rate, a fertilizer density, speed and hopper correction factors are set by means of a computer. Navigation is key operated.

A spreader consumption controller is used for adjusting the application rate.

The efficiency
in 2 times higher

: Bars-5

Complex solutions

Atlas + Bars-5

Manual control of sections

Automatic flow control mode

Manual flow control mode

Driving in parallel lines

Capability to work at night

Overlap visualization

Creating of field boundaries

Calculation of area

Automatic sections control

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