Ultra-light, fast, low budgeеt — ideal for small and medium-sized farms.

The "Tuman-1M" replaces up to 3 tractors with trailed sprayers during pre-sowing working, as well as working in the early phases of growth.

The machine is economical to operate: gasoline consumption is only 0.25 l / ha, and fewer machine operators are required for maintenance.


Gasoline four-cylinder VAZ 2123 engine with distributed injection.

The transmission is mechanical, five-speed from VAZ 2123.

The clutch is dry, single-disc, with a central pressing spring.

Hydraulic clutch drive.

Rated power
59 kWt

Design power

59 kWt


VAZ 2123


gasoline with distributed injection

Number of cylinders


Cylinder diameter

82 mm

Rated power (not less)

81 kWt

Maximum torque

127,5 N·m



Transport wheels are designed for travel on public roads.

Low pressure tires minimize stress on the soil and plants. Using them, the device can reach a maximum speed on the rut up to 35 km/h.

Tire covers have no protector and do not damage seedlings even on the wet ground. The maximum speed is up to 40 km/h.

The air suspension adapts to the weight of the vehicle, allowing it to travel smoothly and quickly over rough terrain.

up to 45 km/h

Ground pressure

up to 0,25 kg/cm2


up to 0,4 m

Operating speed

up to 45 km/h

Transport speed

up to 60 km/h

The cabin is a single-seat unit welded from sheet steel and steel profiles. Front and rear windows are made of triplex, side windows serve as emergency exits and are made of tempered glass. The cabin is made with a heat-and-noise-insulating coating, equipped with a heater with a windshield blowing system, a ventilation system, a windshield washer, and a rear-view mirror.

The cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system, a heater and a radio. The air entering the cabin is filtered with a charcoal filter.

360° view
from the cabin

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